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How To Successfully Launch SugarWOD at your Box

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Over the past two years, we've learned a lot helping 100s of CrossFit gyms successfully launch SugarWOD to their members. According to SugarWOD customer, Amy Brackett at CF North Marin, the key is to "Be the example. Use SugarWOD often. Remind athletes to log their workouts."  When your gym rolls out SugarWOD, your focus should be to recruit a "critical mass"...

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Affiliate Q&A: CrossFit Roots Spring Challenge

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Based in Boulder, CO, CrossFit Roots has been a fixture in the CrossFit community since 2009. Owners Nicole and Eric Christensen have grown Roots from a 200 sq. ft. garage gym into an incredible example of a top-tier affiliate. Along the way, Nicole and Eric have created an environment that features top coaches, a strong community, and Games-level athletes. Roots has held many...

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Feature: Custom Benchmarks

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A Workout Library Most gyms have a set of workouts that they repeat from time-to-time. Many CrossFit gyms will use a combination of Girls, Heroes and Barbell Lifts to test athletes and measure their fitness progress. SugarWOD has always had a set of 1000s of benchmarks in our Workout Library (categorized into Barbell Lifts, Girls, Heroes, Endurance, Games, Notables and Gymnastics). These workouts get special treatment...

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How To: Title your Custom Workouts

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For me, naming workouts is easy. Like a series of bad horror films, I just call them Butt Kicker #1, Butt Kicker #2, and until I run out of numbers. But, in case you’d to give a little more thought to your names, here are some ideas on the topic. Why do we bother giving workout’s names in SugarWOD? Can’t we...

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SugarWOD logo, badges & banners

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Roll Out In Style! Use the resources here to spread the word about SugarWOD to your athletes and coaches. For Your Website: Copy and paste the html code below to add a SugarWOD badge and download link to your site. <a title="SugarWOD: Build Stronger Boxes" href="" target="_blank"><img alt="SugarWOD" src="" width="182px" height="100px" /></a> <a title="SugarWOD: Build Stronger Boxes" href="" target="_blank"><img alt="SugarWOD" src=""...
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A Blog!

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A blog??? What a great idea! We'll be sharing product news, case studies and generally talk about how to run a great workout experience within your box. It's a great thing to be a part of and work with the CrossFit community. Thank you for working with us! Drew & Shayna  

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