“Like many of you, CrossFit has changed our lives.”
"Like many of you, CrossFit has changed our lives."

We love how CrossFit has given us a fresh focus on nutrition and physical fitness. It has also opened our family to an incredible community of like-minded people.

Since 2009, we have been fortunate to be members of two outstanding boxes. First, CrossFit Ethos in California and now CrossFit Roots here in Colorado.

Along the way, we’ve also had the opportunity to workout at dozens of other gyms. We’ve learned that the essential ingredients for a great box are excellent coaching and a supportive community.

SugarWOD is a project and business built on a passion to give back to the CrossFit community.

We are on a mission to help athletes, coaches and gym owners experience CrossFit the way we have.

We promise to work as hard as you do.