Do you want a community of athletes
or just gym members in your box?

"The more my athletes interact, the more they feel like part of the community. That is paramount to everything else because it keeps them coming back."

David Foley, Owner
CrossFit Greenwood Village


Members quit gyms, friends don’t.

Location isn't everything. What makes your gym different are the relationships that are formed between your coaches and your athletes everyday.

The friendly competition of the daily leaderboard, a coach’s encouraging comments, a fistbump from a fellow athlete… we connect athletes to your gym long after the workout is over.

"SugarWOD links the CrossFit community together in a way that’s never been done before. As a new gym, it has been a huge factor in helping us build our community quickly. It’s like Facebook for CrossFitters…only much better."

Joel Buffington, Owner
Zombie Bunny Crossfit


Know your athletes.

The more you know about your athletes, the more masterful your coaching will be. With a few taps, SugarWOD can answer key questions:
• How did Brian scale Murph last time?
• Did Brittany mention any shoulder pain in her notes?
• Based on Carlos’s deadlift max, should he Rx Diane?
• Who PR’ed their Front Squat last week?
• Who needs a fistbump after that 5k run?

"I check what’s going on in my community every day… our athletes’ results, scaling, and new injuries. It sends a big message to your athletes when they know you care enough to see what they’re doing."

Nick Bernatowicz, Co-Owner
Crossfit Ethos

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Simplify your life.

Don't mess around with complicated systems. SugarWOD’s simple approach is designed for a busy coach.

Run your box more efficiently with:
• Automatic workout notifications
• Athletes who are better prepared for class
• Streamlined communication between coaches and athletes
• Automatic athlete PR and progress tracking

You get to spend more time doing what you love best – changing your athletes’ lives.

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