Are You Headed to Whistler?

By September 20, 2019Box Development

Hey CrossFit Affiliates!

Are you headed to Whistler for the CrossFit 10 Year Affiliate Gathering on September 20-22?

If so, I’d love to say hi!

My husband Eric and I started our affiliate back in 2009. Ten years later we’re still going strong. In addition to coaching and running CrossFit Roots, I serve as the Affiliate Advocate on the SugarWOD team. 

If you’re a SugarWOD user or are thinking about it, I’d love to say hi at the event this weekend. Some of the best ideas for new features come from you - the folks who are hard at work in the gym, coaching athletes, and running great affiliates.

We hope to see you there!

Nicole (and Eric)

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