"I love getting the WOD notifications the night before, it helps me get ready mentally."

Ward Snarr, CrossFit Peoria

Be Prepared. Stay Motivated.


Be Prepared.

Push notifications deliver the WOD to you in advance while instructional videos give a refresher on that day’s movements. Your workout and lift history are pulled for you so you can scale appropriately or go for that new Rx!


Train Smarter.

WODs in our library are updated daily… from your box, a CrossFit mainsite Girl or Hero, a top CrossFit coach, or create your own. The percentage calculator makes the math easy. Your PRs will be automatically flagged and all your barbell lifts progress will be charted!


Share the Love.

Wherever you are, you can see your box’s leaderboard. Or give a friend a fistbump. Or comment on your sister’s new Deadlift PR. Or check out yesterday’s score of that dude who always seems to beat you by a few seconds.

Make new friends and connect with old at boxes all over the globe.


I love this app! It is a BEAST!


Indispensable tool for the serious CrossFitter.


I'm in this app everyday: before, during and after my WODs.

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Member Directory

Finally, everybody’s name, photo and Fran time in one place.

Data Security

Your data is safe on our servers. Even if you lose your phone.

Privacy Controls

We like to share, but you don’t have to.

Workout Import

Been using another website? We can import your workout history.

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