Elevate Your Gym Experience with SugarWOD and Zen Planner

As we announced earlier this year, SugarWOD and Zen Planner have joined forces to provide the best end-to-end experience for athletes, coaches and owners. From backend automation to frontline athlete engagement, the Zen Planner + SugarWOD integration empowers box owners to master their business, grow their community and delight their athletes. In order to run a best-in-class affiliate gym, you must consider the entire community’s experience. Of course, mapping your athlete journey and experience is crucial. Along with the athlete experience, your team’s experience and your experience as an owner greatly impact the overall health of the business.

The Zen Planner + SugarWOD integration allows you to elevate your gym experience at every touchpoint and for every community member. Let’s take a closer look at how you can deliver the best end-to-end gym experience.

The Athlete Experience

Zen Planner + SugarWOD is focused on community and creating memorable gym experiences. The athlete experience at affiliate gyms is centered on fun and engaging workouts. SugarWOD is the industry leader at making each workout a massive community engagement tool. Giving your athletes the ability to fistbump or comment on a friend’s workout in the mobile app can have a huge impact over the long run. For the new athlete, this encouragement may be just what they need to keep coming back. For the athlete considering leaving, this engagement may be just what they need to recommit. In addition to the unmatched engagement tools, SugarWOD also brings incredible ease-of-use to the athlete experience. With Zen Planner + SugarWOD, your athletes have the ability to track personal workouts as well as follow the gym’s programming from their mobile device.

The Coach Experience

Affiliate gyms often place all of their focus on serving athletes and for good reason. However, in order to maximize your athlete experience, you must also focus on your coaches’ experience. If your coaches aren’t equipped with the best tools or are unsatisfied with their personal experience, they are not going to deliver a premier athlete experience. With Zen Planner + SugarWOD, you and your coaches have access to the most user-friendly programming system available. Permissions for coaches are easily managed in SugarWOD, and your team can customize the workout presentation experience with announcements, photos and videos. Furthermore, you and your coaches can save valuable time and provide a premier workout experience by purchasing group programming from world-class programmers. Browse, select and upload this programming to your affiliate gym’s programming calendar with ease so you and your coaches can spend more time on the floor connecting with athletes.

The Owner Experience

As an affiliate gym owner, what are you hiring a software suite and workout tracking app to do? This answer differs from owner to owner depending on the type of professional and personal life they seek. The overarching purpose of technology is to help you advance your mission, whatever that mission is. Whether you want to spend more time coaching or more time scaling your business, Zen Planner + SugarWOD will enable your efforts. In addition to the usability benefits for coaches, Zen Planner + SugarWOD elevates the owner experience by providing a deeper level of engagement assurance. That is, with SugarWOD specifically, affiliate gym owners and coaches have the ability to monitor coach interactions with athletes. This “Coach Leadership” page provides a unique opportunity to ensure community engagement, specifically between coaches and athletes.

The owner experience is unbelievably important to Zen Planner and SugarWOD. At Zen Planner, for example, your experience will begin with in-depth implementation so you know how to use every feature of your software. Along those same lines, Zen Planner + SugarWOD has streamlined the transfer process if you are switching management software or workout tracking platforms. Zen Planner + SugarWOD has your business covered at every athlete and coach touchpoint. Drive leads that convert with modern websites, digital marketing and marketing automations. Retain your athletes with community engagement, fun workout tracking and proactive athlete communications. Delight and develop your coaching staff with dynamic scheduling, automated staff reminders and payroll management.

From powerful automations and industry-leading customer support to digital marketing and community-based workout tracking, Zen Planner + SugarWOD can positively fuel every experience at your affiliate gym. At Zen Planner and SugarWOD, creating the best end-to-end gym experience is personal; we are athletes, coaches and box owners ourselves.

The wait is over. Schedule a demo to see how Zen Planner + SugarWOD can help create memorable experiences at your affiliate gym.

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