Five Things Your Coaches Can Do to Spread SugarWOD in Your Gym

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Once on board, customers often ask us the question, "How do I get my athletes to use SugarWOD?" The answer is pretty simple.

As SugarWOD customer Amy Brackett of CrossFit North Marin puts it, "Be the example. Use it often. Constantly remind athletes to track their workouts."

As a coach, you help people change their habits every day, this is just another positive habit you can reinforce.

For SugarWOD to do its job in your gym there are five things you and your coaches can do:
  1. Log your results
  2. Fist bump each other and athletes
  3. Remind athletes before class to use SugarWOD to prep for the WOD
  4. Remind athletes to log their score after class
  5. Comment on athletes results with encouragement and feedback

Think about it, if all of your coaches commented on three or more athlete results every day, you would be able to connect with all of your athletes in just a couple of weeks, further spreading the community and connection that supports a healthy gym and high retention.To get your coaches bought into SugarWOD we recommend that you share with them why your gym has chosen to use it. The reasons gyms use SugarWOD are pretty similar.

  • They want to understand and support their athletes better
  • They value and want to create and support a well-connected community
  • They want their athletes to be accountable to workout tracking and being prepared for class

Share these reasons with your coaches to get them invested. Also, set expectations with them. Below, we've provided an email template to send to coaches. You're welcome to edit the language and make it your own. The important thing is that the coaches know what's happening and why.

Coaches Email Template

Hi, coaches!

As you know, our gym is adopting a new workout tracking tool, SugarWOD.

SugarWOD allows us to understand and support our athletes better. It also creates a simple way for all coaches and athletes to track their workout results and prepare for workouts using the Android and iOS mobile app. (If you haven't downloaded it on your phone, visit the links to do so.)

For SugarWOD to be effective, our athletes need to be using it. To get them in the habit, we need to set an example. So, I have a few requests for you:

- Please log your workouts regularly in SugarWOD
- Remind athletes after each class to log their workouts in SugarWOD
- Encourage our athletes by giving fist bumps and posting comments in SugarWOD

Here are answers to common athlete questions. I suggest you review them so you're prepared to answer questions that come up in class.

Thanks for your help!

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