How To Successfully Launch SugarWOD at your Box

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Over the past few years, we've learned a lot helping 100s of CrossFit gyms successfully launch SugarWOD to their members. According to SugarWOD customer, Amy Brackett at CF North Marin, the key is to "Be the example. Use SugarWOD often. Remind athletes to log their workouts."

When your gym rolls out SugarWOD, your focus should be to recruit a "critical mass" of athletes to use SugarWOD. As with any social tool, people are more likely to use it when they see others involved! The number of people required will vary depending on the size of your gym. But, typically when you reach 20-40 athletes who regularly log results and give fistbumps, you are in good shape. Once you've hit 20-40 athletes, your community in SugarWOD will be self-sustaining.

To support your recruitment, we've compiled "best practices" into a handy checklist to guide you and your coaches as you roll out SugarWOD.

Set-Up Checklist:
    • Register your box or gym in SugarWOD by starting the Free Trial!
    • Sign up and put a credit card on file.
    • Check your gym’s settings in the Coach's Center, particularly your Location and Whiteboard., and
Pre-Launch Checklist:
    • Program the previous week’s workouts to the Whiteboard so your athletes can start adding results right away. For programming help, check out our Programming 101 video series and check out tips and best practices for programming workouts here!
    • Post an announcement to your blog and/or Facebook page. If you put "" into the post, Facebook will automatically pull a great photo from our site to enhance your post.
  • Invite your athletes to download the app and join your gym.

Here are some examples boxes have used to announce SugarWOD to their athletes: Tidal CrossFit (Canada), CrossFit LoDo (CO), and CrossFit Chamblee (GA).

Some Important Links to Share:
Tips From SugarWOD Boxes:
    • Post the workout every day, be consistent so athletes learn to rely on the mobile notifications.
    • Before class, when you gather your athletes at the whiteboard, ask them if they know their numbers for the workout. Create a culture of accountability and preparation in the gym.
    • After class, remind your athletes to log their results.
    • Super Important… you must lead by example! Make sure your coaches consistently log their own workouts, give some fist bumps, and post comments. Your coaches set the tone for the entire gym. Read more on what your Coaches can do to help launch SugarWOD here!
  • Be persistent! It takes a few weeks until new habits get created within your gym.

Need more help? Check out our Help and FAQs here!

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