I’ve Just Purchased My Gym’s Programming Through SugarWOD, What’s Next?

Congrats! You just gained 2+ hours back a week! Outsourcing your gym's programming gives you more time to grow your business, and we're here to help!

All workouts, plans, videos, and notes will be available to download directly to your calendar in SugarWOD.

Of course, SugarWOD is more than a workout delivery platform. We have created a fun and social way to build your gym's community. Our approach is to keep the workout tools simple, fun, and social for your athletes.

This leads to greater participation, helps build community and demonstrate your box's value to your athletes. We want to help you deliver a positive workout experience for all your coaches and athletes as your gym scales.

The SugarWOD platform allows you to:
• Easily edit and add programming
• Auto-publish your workouts to your gym TVs, website and athlete mobile phones
• View athlete participation in your gym
• View workout leaderboards
• And much more!

To see all the benefits that SugarWOD can provide you can visit our site here.