Why You Should Outsource Your Next Nutrition Challenge

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Earlier this year, we ran our first-ever nutrition challenge in SugarWOD—the #800gChallenge by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Twenty gyms registered for the challenge and said it was “awesome”: members reported better health and performance and affiliate owners reported better community engagement.

After such a successful first challenge, we’re excited to announce the #800gChallenge is on-demand in the marketplace. Affiliates can now run a plug-n-play nutrition challenge whenever they want! Instead of creating and running a challenge on your own, consider the advantages (below) of outsourcing it.

1) Reduce Your Work

From promotional and educational materials to scoring, it takes an estimated 10-20 hours a week to run a challenge well. Instead of burdening your coaches with those responsibilities, 85 percent of the work is done for you. We estimate you only need to spend two hours a week to run the #800gChallenge.

The #800gChallenge materials included in the program:

  • Promotional flyers (2)
  • Informational & sign-up blog post
  • Social media posts (10)
  • Staff & member meeting notes
  • Regular educational content throughout the challenge
  • Real-time scoring and leaderboards

2) Create Additional Revenue for Your Gym

Even at a conservative cost of $20 per member, you need just ten members to sign up to recoup the costs to SugarWOD. Any profit can go to the head coach who oversees the challenge.

You can also personalize the provided materials as much as you want. At CrossFit Imperial Valley, more than 80 of their 275 members signed up for the #800gChallenge. By adding t-shirts, body composition testing, a closed Facebook group, weekly workout challenges, and a team competition, the affiliate charged $109 per person generating $9,000+ in revenue. This covered their additional costs as well as additional compensation for the organizing head coach.

3) Provide an Essential Service to Your Members

The members who achieve the most success in the gym not only workout regularly but also commit to sound nutrition habits. But just like continual coaching is needed for movement, continual education is needed for nutrition. The standard American diet, busy lives, and holidays are some of the reasons gym owners need to re-engage members about nutrition routinely.

Challenges are a great way to do this at the affiliate level. They scale better than one-on-one consulting, are more cost effective for the member, and they provide that friendly competition that is so effective. Combined with SugarWOD, nutrition challenges become a great way to motivate change at the individual level while simultaneously building community.

4) Leverage a Nutrition Expert

The #800gChallenge in SugarWOD is created by OptimizeMe Nutrition, which is run by EC Synkowski who holds an M.S. in Nutrition & Functional Medicine and is a Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4). She knows nutrition and she knows the CrossFit community. Leverage her expertise to provide relevant nutrition education to your members.


Here’s what some affiliate owners say about the #800gChallenge:

  • “I don’t know if I will ever do a nutrition challenge another way. The challenges we historically ran were exhausting for our team. I’m sensitive to that because I want my coaches to be their best on the gym floor.” - Nicole Christensen, CrossFit Roots
  • “OptimizeMe Nutrition created the content and made it simple to distribute to our members… SugarWOD made tracking points easy… The #800gChallenge was by far the most simple challenge we have ever executed but also provided more content than we ever have before." - Todd Occhiuto, DRiV FiTNESS
  • Running the #800gChallenge was the easiest challenge we have run at our two gyms. Having OptimizeMe Nutrition supply all the content needed each week was awesome, and having SugarWOD to enter the scores in and also release content to participants made things even easier. We've always been put off running challenges because of the extra workload putting it together.” - Ben Breen, CrossFit Soul Rebel Greensborough & Thornbury

Even though nutrition challenges can be a win-win for you and your members, their success requires the on-site staff to be fully engaged. If there isn’t support from the owner and coaches, the challenge will not get enough interest or maintain member interest. Regardless of SugarWOD offerings, we encourage you to choose the challenges you and your staff will complete with your members.

Sign up to run the #800gChallenge today! And stay tuned for more on-demand nutrition challenges in our marketplace.

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