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Earlier this year, we published a feature that enables gyms to publish their workouts anywhere. Through an RSS or HTML feed, gyms can publish their workouts automatically, through SugarWOD, to any channel that supports RSS or HTML. For the most part, that means your website, but it also means your Facebook page.

We know that many CrossFit gyms use Facebook as a place to publish and promote the day’s WOD. In an effort to arm you with everything you need to post your workout to Facebook, we have put together instructions. Before you begin, you need four things:

  1. A Facebook page - You probably already have that.
  2. A SugarWOD account - Sign up here.
  3. An activated RSS feed - See instructions here.
  4. A Zapier account.

If you got stuck on that last one, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Zapier is a web automation tool. It essentially connects software systems that aren’t already connected and is made up of triggers that prompt actions. Triggers and actions can be mixed and matched to automate just about anything. For example, when you publish the WOD in SugarWOD, Zapier can be programmed to post that WOD to your gym’s Facebook page.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make sure that you are the admin of your Facebook page

Step 2: Activate your SugarWOD RSS feed. First, log in, then:

  1. Turn on workout publishing on the RSS / HTML Settings page.
  2. Choose the number of days (into the past) you'd like to publish. Enter "0" if you only want to publish the current day's workouts. Enter "7" to publish the past 7 days of workouts.
  3. Choose the number of days (into the future) you'd like to publish. Enter "0" if you do not want any future workouts to be included. No matter your setting here, workouts will abide by the Whiteboard publishing settings.
  4. Choose the workout tracks that should be included in the feed.
  5. Choose the "RSS" format.
  6. Copy the URL.

The URL will look something like this and can be used in any standard RSS feed reader.["workout-of-the-day"]

*Note: In the URL above, "YOUR-GYM-ID" is a placeholder for your gym's unique ID. Be sure that your ID is included in the URL or this whole thing won't work 🙂

Step 3: Sign up for Zapier (its free). Then, visit this page to begin setting up your "Zap" to publish your workouts to your Facebook page.

Here are the steps you should experience in Zapier as you set up your Zap. (make sure you have your RSS url)

1.Confirm that you want to post a New Item in Feed by selecting "Continue" on this page.

2. Copy and paste your Feed URL from SugarWOD into the RSS Feed URL field and select "Continue".


Make sure it says "Test Successful" before you move on to the next step.

3. Select "Continue" to start the steps to Create a Page Post.


4. Connect your Facebook account (Note: you will be connecting your personal account and then you will select which Page you want to post to later, so be sure that your personal account is an admin on the Page you want to post to.)

Make sure it says "Test Successful" before you move on to the next step.

5. Select the Page you want to post to. Then, Zapier will auto-populate the Message and the Link URL.

IMPORTANT: Remove the value in the Link URL field so that it's blank. Otherwise, this whole thing won't work.

Again, make sure that it says "Test Successful".

Select "Finish" and you should see a post like this on your Facebook page!

No more copying and pasting across a bunch of different places! Woot!


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Liz Greene
Liz Greene

Hello SugarWOD!

Thank you for the info regarding linking your rss feed into FB.
You recommend using a third party as developing an rss set up on a FB group is a bit tricky.
Zapier is great; however, it seems that it isn’t viable on mobile. Could you share your experience before we dive in?

Thank you!

Your Box's Name
Pioneer Valley CrossFit
Greg Castro

Hi, Liz-

Our customer team would be happy to support you. Please email

Thank you!