Using SugarWOD to Build an Online Fitness Community

SugarWOD is the best community software for coaches and everyday athletes. We are designed to do one thing exceptionally well: give coaches and everyday athletes a memorable workout experience. 

How do we do this? 

And counting!

This has worked great for physical gyms to break down the barrier of class times and enable athletes/members to connect outside of the gym walls. As we continued to build features which enabled this mission, it became clear that SugarWOD could be used as a complete online community tool to share workouts! 

Read on to see who can use SugarWOD and how to get started, tips on how to customize your member’s experience and set your staff up with access (if necessary), and best practices on how to encourage participation.

Who can use SugarWOD?

Anyone can set up a virtual gym or community in SugarWOD! Whether you are a large fitness facility or just a few friends who like to workout, sharing workouts and engaging with friends on SugarWOD is super simple.

Though our workout programming tools are best suited towards functional fitness-type workouts, you can create completely custom workouts! Check out how to create a customized workout in the video below.

For more help creating your workouts, visit our Programming 101 Video series here!

Not sure how to score your workout? Check out the Score types for workouts here

Getting started is easy. 

  1. Sign Up in just a few easy steps. SugarWOD is FREE for the first 5 users in your gym. Check out our full pricing breakdown here.
  2. Add workouts to your calendar. You can choose to program your own custom workouts for your members or subscribe to daily workout programs from our partners in the SugarWOD Marketplace! These workout programs are automatically delivered to your SugarWOD calendar each week.
  3. Communicate with your members.

Customize your member experience. 

Not only does SugarWOD give you the ability to deliver workouts to your athletes, but you can also customize this experience for your athletes to create a thriving, personal and inclusive community! The Whiteboard is the hub of information and workouts for your athletes.

  • Whiteboard Announcements: Have an important announcement, link or message that you want your members to see? Make that front and center by adding an announcement to your Whiteboard! This announcement will show up underneath the Whiteboard photo.
  • Whiteboard Videos: Have an important video you want all your athletes to see or want to give them a daily mindset video? Put it on the Whiteboard for easy viewing! 
  • App Primary and Secondary Colors: You can change the primary and secondary colors for your gym so that the in-app experience for your athletes better matches your brand! 

Staff Permissions 

If you have coaches or staff that should be able to program workouts, update the Whiteboard, etc., you will be able to update their account permissions once they have joined your virtual community.  

Encouraging Athlete Participation 

A strong community will last when the coaches and staff get involved. Your virtual community can be self-sustaining, but it’s important that the culture is set by the leaders of your community. Some of our best practices for your coaches/staff are:

  • Coaches/Staff should interact with members on a daily basis, and we suggest that they give out five fist bumps and five comments a day.
  • Be the example by logging your workouts and practicing what you preach.
  • Check out your athlete participation stats here, and reach out to those who haven’t been active.

Check out our blog post on how to spread SugarWOD in your gym. Though this is geared towards physical gym locations, you may find some of it applicable to your virtual community!

Check out the entire SugarWOD Knowledge Base here.

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